Be an Author on Rankdone

Do you want to be an author of tests on Rankdone?

This text explain in some details how to be an Rankdone author. There are good tips on creating a test. You can create good tests and sell them on Rankdone for Human Resources to test online candidates.

On Rankdone any test it sells, you as an author will receive 70% of all revenue.

You price each question and insert many questions as you want on your test. Rankdone will give you a total for each test. The same is about time. How long your test will last, it depends on how long each question will last.

Rankdone automates everything, but now your creativity.

Don’t be good nor evil on a time duration for a question

The time duration for a question depends on the author. A good time duration for a question will be fair. Not good, nor evil.

Your creativity on Rankdone

Although Rankdone won’t check your creativity, the market will. As in books on Amazon. Good books sells more. The market is the king. To create good tests, that have good creativity, you will need to download the PDF linked below. It is a good reading with some tips that may help you to transform low creativity questions into good ones.

Click here to download the PDF – How to be an Author on Rankdone

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