Tech Recruitment: 3 Ways to Create a Steady Applicant Stream

As the competition for top talent gets more difficult, recruiters are looking for creative solutions to fill empty slots in their companies. Many are finding out the challenge to create a steady stream of candidates to fill future needs and growth is becoming a full-time job. It might be time to take a step back and rethink ways to keep that applicant flow coming through. Many of the large players are developing applicant streams from sources you might not have considered. Take a page from their playbook and see if their solutions could work for you.

Cultivate Educational Partnerships

Whether there’s a large university nearby, a community college, or a bootcamp-style immersion program that’s popped up in your neck of the woods, take time to reach out and open a dialogue. They are as interested in finding jobs for their grads as you are in hiring them – and working with them before candidates complete their course of study could net you an advantage when they graduate. School counselors are happy to set up opportunities to meet and interact with students – a chance to sell your company before they earn their degree. You could create internships or apprenticeship opportunities that give the student a chance to earn some real-life experience while you assess their skills for future employment. As you work more closely with school representatives, they can suggest other ways to connect with students and even alum, to position your openings in the best light. Some companies even stage ‘hackerthon’ challenges for students to find the best and brightest.

Develop Community Partnerships

As more and more workers are being displaced by automation, more government and community organizations are working with these candidates to retrain them. Look for groups in your area that specialize in employee retraining and upskilling. You may even be able to develop programming with them that meets your specific needs. Some government agencies are easily found, others may take a bit of detective work. Start by searching for training/retraining online and in your community to see what’s available.

Consider Alternate Sourcing

Are there untapped talent pools you haven’t considered in the past? Here are some options you may not have considered:

Is it possible for your work to be done remotely? If the worker doesn’t have to be at your facility at all times, you may be able to tap in to freelancers or contractors who aren’t looking for a commitment. You may also be able to access the wealth of workers who prefer working remotely for a variety of reasons. If you can work with a remote worker, you could open the door to a vast applicant pool.

Have you reached out to the disabled community? A large portion of this community goes unemployed, even though they have the skills to get the work done. Many employers are fearful of the cost and scope of accommodations that might be needed to serve this community. Working with organizations that provide job placement services can help you understand how minimal the cost and impact of accommodation’s could be, as well as how rich the talent pool is in this community. A bonus – disabled workers typically show higher rates of longevity on the job than their abled counterparts.

Whatever sources you find, you’ll still want to assure they have the skills to get the job done. That’s where Rankdone can help: you find the candidates, we’ll help you verify their credentials. Contact us today.


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