Rankdone Introduces Innovative Feature to Upskill Candidates

Rankdone, a leading platform that helps recruiters prequalify job seeker’s skills before they schedule an interview has added an innovative new feature to their dynamic site. Candidates who do not meet a company’s minimum qualifications are not just removed from the hiring pipeline: they’re directed to specific sites that can help them increase their proficiency immediately. No other prescreening site offers applicants a chance to find out where their skills need work and directs them to free tutorials and information on how to grow their knowledge base.

Collaborative Content Feedback Helps Job Seekers Improve their Skills

“We believe we are the first of its kind in the industry,” Marcelo Marquez, Co-Founder and Business Director of Rankdone says, “no other site is offering candidates a chance to find out specifically and in detail where they should invest their time and energy to increase their proficiency.”  Collaborative Content Feedback, Rankdone’s newest feature, redirects job seekers to sites that offer free tutorials and detailed information on the question(s) that were incorrectly scored in the system. Each inaccurate response has a specific link to tutorials that show the job seeker in detail how to come to the correct answer. The functionality works seamlessly within the Rankdone platform.

How Rankdone Works

Rankdone’s SaaS ranks the technical skills of candidates before they apply. Pre-testing for thousands of jobs, job categories and skills are a part of their extensive testing library, with more tests added all the time. Rankdone has tests for IT skills, Marketing, Finance, Language skills, retail and more. Tests are developed by experts or custom created by employers to fit their specific needs. Whenever an applicant clicks on a link to apply for an opening, they’re automatically directed to the Rankdone site: hands-off prescreening for recruiters. Candidates are then ranked on their completed tests, allowing recruiters to select only the top talent to interview. It’s a seamless process that lets hiring authorities spend time and resources on qualified applicants only.

How Collaborative Content Feedback Upskills Job Seekers

When a candidate doesn’t meet the minimum requirements on a test, they’re automatically sent their results. Scores are given, along with a list of test questions that were incorrect. But Rankdone goes further – adding a link to the each incorrect response that shows the candidate how to learn the right answer. More than just telling them they did not pass the test, Rankdone allows job seekers to find information, tutorials and more to improve their skill set in the specific areas that are lacking for the next application or opening.


Rankdone Improves Candidate Experience

In the war on talent, upskilling candidates is a must. With Rankdone’s Collaborative Content Feedback, job seekers who may have been close to meeting a company’s requirements have a chance to improve their knowledge base for future openings. Taking the time to help job seekers grow their skills improves the candidate experience – a must for all business in this tight market. Business may also see candidates post online about the help they got from your company through the platform. Another potential plus, the candidate you helped upskill today could be the new hire you make tomorrow. Collaborative Content Feedback is win-win for business and job seekers.  All without any work on your part – Rankdone does it all automatically.

Rankdone: Your Recruitment Solution

As skill gaps continue to pressure business, with jobs going unfilled and time-to-hire stretching endlessly, Rankdone helps business find the candidates they need with the skills they need the first time and every time. No more time wasted verifying their resume is complete and accurate; no more new hires that can’t perform the work. The talent you hire through the Rankdone platform has the talent you need to get the job done.

But for those who don’t meet your needs, your application process through Rankdone helps them hone and increase their skills, improving the candidate experience and potentially, creating an upskilled employee pipeline, ready for your next opening. Find out how you can save time and resources while Collaborative Content Feedback helps applicants grow. Contact us today.




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