Tech Recruitment in 2017

by Riia O’Donnell

Tech recruitment continues to be a seller’s market. Employers are competing for talent in a marketplace the government estimates holds 500,000 to 1 million vacant and unfilled positions annually. Some analysts believe that number is far too conservative, and estimate tech recruitment at 2 million vacancies per year.

For employers looking to recruit tech candidates, the need to fill a vacancy is urgent: the need to fill with qualified talent is critical.  The price of hiring an unqualified IT candidate can be enormous and have long-term repercussions. In a market where unemployment for tech workers is only 2%, the competition is fierce.

A Computerworld survey recently identified the ten most sought-after employees for 2017

#1. Programming/application development

Coming in at the top of the list for employers continues to be programmers and application developers. Companies seek talent that can modify stock applications to their own needs; work on APIs and integration points, and develop new software.

#2. Help desk/tech support

Once considered a first step into IT, tech support has evolved to Tier 1, 2, 3 levels and beyond. In addition to providing support, these staffers are now developing best practices and procedures.

#3. Security/compliance

From WannaCry ransomware to threats and breaches that are never uncovered or deterred, security will always be a critical hiring point.

#4. Cloud/SaaS

Not a single discipline, cloud and SaaS professionals have integrated their knowledge across a variety of platforms to work with many technologies seamlessly.

#5. Business Intelligence/Analytics

Typically with business intelligence, math, and engineering backgrounds, these employees help companies understand trends, buying patterns, and more, to help grow their market share. They generally have industry-specific backgrounds.

#6. Web Development

With the world as your customer base, your website is your front door. Employers rely on front end developers with websites as well as social and mobile platforms.

#7. Database Admin

It’s predicted demand for SQL programmers will continue to grow through 2024. They’ll need experience with data modeling and design, along with the ability to assure performance and integrity.

#8. Project Management

PMP certification is desired by employers who strive to shepherd the variety of project into manageable systems that deliver. In addition to tech talent, these employees must possess the ability to work well with a variety of shareholders to achieve results.

#9. Big Data

Pulling together data harvested from an ever-growing number of sources, big data techs know how to mine for gold. They harvest valuable information targeted to their industries, and are fluent in a variety of data oriented tech languages like Scala.

#10. Mobile Apps/Device Management

As the mobile revolution continues, companies need staff to assure non-mobile to mobile transitions are smooth and seamless. The ability to translate platforms and applications to mobile requires knowledge of both at the development stage.

Whether you’re hiring from one of these top 10 areas, or searching for a niche candidate, Rankdone can help find the exact match for your spot. Pre-qualify applicants with Rankdone testing to target your search for the very best talent available.

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