Rankdone Demos Collaborative Content Feedback at ITxpo 2018

Rankdone was excited to participate in Gartner’s Symposium / ITxpo 2018 this October in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Billed as The Most Important Meeting of CIOs and Senior IT Executives in the World, the three-day event was an exploration of the technologies, trends and strategies driving the digital transformation of today and tomorrow. With experts, industry analysts and next-gen solution providers, the event was filled with ideas and innovations ready-made and up-and-coming to address the needs of business and future-proof the workforce.

Rankdone’s newest tool, Collaborative Content Feedback was greeted with enthusiasm by attendees – everyone wanted to know more! The newest addition to the Rankdone platform, CCF goes beyond screening and prequalifying candidates for openings, it helps them upskill as well.

When a candidate applies for a vacancy, the Rankdone platform kicks in, routing them to take a short, pre-qualifying skills test. The twenty minutes (or less) they spend answering questions that verify their skills and knowledge for the position is time well spent for them and for the employer: candidate’s competencies are ranked automatically by the platform, allowing the business to choose only the most qualified candidates to interview and hire.  Time saving is only the beginning for business: the ability to pre-qualify each candidate as competent in the skill set required can reduce time to hire; can eliminate the potential of making a bad hire;  reduce training time and potentially reduce attrition. No need to re-interview after a bad hire, you know they’re qualified if you’ve used Rankdone.

Until now, the benefits for the employer were clear: better hires with verified qualifications. But the team at Rankdone wanted to go further – to help candidates who don’t make the cut improve their skill set to help make them more marketable in today’s tight economy.

Collaborative Content Feedback

Collaborative Content Feedback shows candidates who weren’t selected specifically where their knowledge fell short: but it goes beyond, linking them to websites, tutorials and other resources that can help them hone their skills for the next available opening, at the original business or any other. With links to knowledge for every incorrect answer a job seeker makes during the testing process, they are able to upskill themselves with resources that can make it easier for them to qualify for other positions.

Links are provided to free resources – short videos, how-tos, tutorials, help centers or any other access point job seekers can use to grow their competencies. Taking the Rankdone test may not have resulted in being hired for the job they originally bid on, but it can help them be more successful in their search for the next position: all at no charge to the employer or the job seeker.

As the tight talent situation continues to make it challenging for employers to hire, CCF could be just the resource the market needs to take “almost-perfect” candidates to the next level. By helping them increase their skill set, they may be just the right fit for future openings in any business, whether it was their original application or somewhere else.

Boost your Brand with CCF

A strong employer recruitment brand is key to attracting top talent in today’s market. Helping job seekers upskill, even those who don’t make it through your selection process is one way to boost your employer brand. Helping candidates get the specific, targeted training they need, just by applying with your company, is sure to enhance your reputation as an employer that gives back.

Helping job seekers upskill is just another way the Rankdone platform works for recruitment: we make sure business finds top-quality, qualified applicants for any vacancy they have, and help job seekers hone their skills to get the job. Find out how Rankdone can help you – contact us today.

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