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Smartphone Recruitment

Today’s job seeker is looking for the fastest way to connect with opportunities, and that means using their smartphones. It’s estimated that of the 300 million Google searches made per month, about 1/3 are job related – that’s over 3 billion per year. Some estimates put job searches on mobile phones alone over 1 billion per year. If your application process isn’t mobile-ready, you may be missing out on a wealth of candidates – possibly the most tech savvy of the bunch.

Smartphone job applications have been increasing as smartphone access has increased. About 5 of the world’s 7 billion people have or have access to smartphone technology. In the US, 12% of adults are “smartphone only” internet users. They don’t have access to broadband internet with a computer connection in the home. For all users, the smartphone has become more than a way to connect: it’s a way to find employment.

For companies whose application process is NOT mobile-enabled, the world, and a talented applicant stream, may be passing you by. And if you think your online application process is picking up those you’re missing, you may be mistaken again. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 60% of job seekers abandon an online application before completing it, because it’s too long or complex.

Make it mobile

To optimize your mobile recruitment, you’ll want every part of the application stream to work. Starting with the understanding that candidates are using their phones to search for an apply to jobs is just the beginning. Your path to apply, starting with the main career page, must be optimized for iOS or Android users.

Next make sure the applicant experience is positive. Applying by phone should be smooth and seamless. Resume uploads should be quick and painless and not require information be entered more than once. You’ll want every part of the candidate experience to be positive, so make sure you try out each step and look for areas that lag or frustrate. Since you have their phone number, make sure to verify they’re willing to be contacted via text message, as well.  You don’t want to end up in the blocked caller pile.

Testing texters along the way

If your application process requires pre-qualification testing, you may think mobile recruitment won’t work for you. But Rankdone has your back. Our testing platform is optimized for mobile users. They can take any of the tests you choose or design right from their smartphone. Those who meet your requirements may have flown through the application process faster than they ever thought possible.

Your next step is to convert the applicant to a candidate – interview scheduling apps can make the process even smoother and easier to use for an applicant on the go. For recruiters, scheduling platform turns getting a candidate in for an interview a hands-off process that frees up their time for more important work.

Optimizing your application process for mobile will put you ahead of the competition. It’s estimated only 45% of employers do so, while 89% of job seekers think a mobile website is critical in job hunting. Rankdone can help your mobile application process work smoothly and net you the best qualified candidates available. Contact us today.

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