Entenda quais são os Subsistemas de RH e para que servem

Os subsistemas de RH são importantíssimos para a organização de todas as etapas pertinentes do setor de recursos humanos. Sem eles, fatores importantes podem ser deixados de lado, o que poderá afetar desde o processo seletivo até a cultura organizacional de uma empresa. Por isso, continue com a gente para entender melhor quais são os subsistemas de RH e a

4 tendências da área de RH para 2020

O ano de 2020 chegou e as novas tendências da área de RH chegam! O departamento de Recursos Humanos vem estrategicamente ocupando lugares mais importantes dentro de uma empresa, por causa disso, ou o RH vem sendo usado de maneira mais importante para o sucesso da empresa e como um fator que ajuda a aumentar sua utilização. Isso faz com

Recruitment and selection challenges for small companies

Recruitment is a challenge for every company, but for small businesses, it can be even more difficult. Competition with larger firms can make a small company seem less attractive. Many job seekers believe there’s more opportunity for advancement and better wages and perks with a larger employer. But small business has its advantages, as well. For most recruiters, it’s a

Hiring your company’s first IT professional

For many businesses, venturing into tech hiring is a new challenge. Companies that previously outsourced their IT needs are often looking to hire their own talent to assure they get the service they need. But often, they don’t have the skills to make an effective hire. Some turn to consultants to help them with the hiring process: others hope for

The Talent Wars: What can you do for me?

The talent shortages that employers are facing around the globe are pushing them to rethink priorities. A recent survey showed that for executives, the most pressing emerging risk to business is a lack of qualified employees and candidates to fill existing roles. The competition heats up As business competes for the job seekers that are available (or willing to make

Collaborative Content Feedback Helps Employers Identify Potential Talent

Upskilling is the new paradigm for workers and business. A recent report from McKinsey revealed 32% of today’s workforce, regardless of age, will need retraining in the next 12 years. For some workers, retraining will not be an option: the same report cites 60% of workers can have almost one-third of their job replaced by automation today. That would displace

5 New Year’s Recruitment Resolutions for Tech Recruiters

A new year brings new possibilities and new challenges to employers. With the start of a new cycle, businesses often asses what their needs will be for the coming year. Forecasts for headcounts that maintain productivity and even to project growth are top of mind in every company. In today’s challenging talent market, acquiring and maintaining talent are more important