Collaborative Content Feedback Helps Employers Identify Potential Talent

Upskilling is the new paradigm for workers and business. A recent report from McKinsey revealed 32% of today’s workforce, regardless of age, will need retraining in the next 12 years. For some workers, retraining will not be an option: the same report cites 60% of workers can have almost one-third of their job replaced by automation today. That would displace 15% of the global workforce over the next decade.

Who will provide the training needed to upskill today’s workforce, and who will provide training to put those who are pushed off the employment rolls back into gainful employment? Today’s employers are hiring and training employees to meet need and plan for the future. A CareerBuilder survey shows 44% of employers plan to hire low-skilled workers and up-train them: 66% plan to hire workers with none of the skills they need but who show potential.

Forecasting learning ability

Upskilling employees is now a must for business. But how can business find candidates worth the investment, or even be assured that when they do invest in training, their money is being used wisely? Businesses that plan to hire workers with lower skills and up-train them will need some indication that the new hire will be able to learn. For companies hoping to hire people with “potential,” they’ll need to identify what soft skills and traits are needed, as they balance their needs against the candidate’s ability to learn.

Who has potential?

Forecasting capability to learn and potential to grow is difficult, but Collaborative Content Feedback from Rankdone can help. As candidates apply for openings in your company, Rankdone’s pretesting platform scores their skills and capabilities. For those candidates who don’t meet your qualifications, CCF sends them lists of the questions they missed, along with links to tutorials to increase their knowledge base. If you’re looking for applicants that have the potential to learn, these candidates are ripe for selection.

If a job seeker has gotten the majority of questions correct, but still didn’t meet your minimum requirements, CCF can lead them to upskill on their own, increasing their abilities. But if you’re looking for employees who have potential to learn, these applicants may be a smart choice. Their baseline of knowledge, although not enough to meet your qualifications for one job, may make them an excellent candidate as a trainee. Bringing them in at a lower base salary, and working with them to increase their skills might be a smart investment. In addition to gaining a valuable worker, the investment you make in their skill set could result in a loyal, long-term employee.

Planning for the future

Whether you’re looking to fill a specific position, or planning for company growth, Collaborative Content Feedback from Rankdone can help you build a candidate pipeline. By reaching out to applicants who didn’t make the first round of interviews, and maintaining a connection with them, you could develop a candidate pool just waiting for your next available position. CCF will direct them to learning they need to be ready for your next available opening. Those you encourage to take the time to learn on their own are proving they’re interested in growth: one of the best qualities a new hire can exhibit.

If you can, bringing those job seekers on board and taking the time to train them in house, is another way Collaborative Content Feedback can help you build your talent pool. With the specific guidance Rankdone’s feedback has provided, you’ll know exactly where they need to focus learning and development. Building a talent pool has never been easier: let Rankdone’s Collaborative Content Feedback help. Contact us today.




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