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Software | Plataforma inteligente de testes para candidatos em processos seletivos!

A plataforma inteligente de testes tem papel fundamental na escolha do melhor candidato para determinada vaga, já que eles auxiliam na identificação de aspectos comportamentais e também técnicos do candidato.

IT and Human Resources

Entenda quais são os Subsistemas de RH e para que servem

Os subsistemas de RH são importantíssimos para a organização de todas as etapas pertinentes do setor de recursos humanos. Sem eles, fatores importantes podem ser deixados de lado, o que

IT and Human Resources

Recruitment and selection challenges for small companies

Recruitment is a challenge for every company, but for small businesses, it can be even more difficult. Competition with larger firms can make a small company seem less attractive. Many

IT and Human Resources

4 Steps to Verify Training Spend

You’ve decided to make the investment to upskill your staff. Whether it’s the tight talent pool or a commitment to develop your employees, you join the ranks of many companies

Recruitment and Selection Process for Human Resources

Tech that Speeds the Application Process

Leveraging technology to boost recruitment success is not new, but with the advent of AI and more, recruiters, job boards and professional media sites are coming up with creative ways

IT and Human Resources

On the go candidates want on the go applications

Smartphone Recruitment Today’s job seeker is looking for the fastest way to connect with opportunities, and that means using their smartphones. It’s estimated that of the 300 million Google searches

IT and Human Resources

Tech Recruitment: The Pressure to Hire Quickly

The pressure is on recruiters to fill spots quickly in any market, but in the candidate market we’re experiencing today, filling spots fast could mean beating out the competition for

IT and Human Resources

Tech Recruitment: 3 Ways to Create a Steady Applicant Stream

As the competition for top talent gets more difficult, recruiters are looking for creative solutions to fill empty slots in their companies. Many are finding out the challenge to create

IT and Human Resources

IT Recruitment: The High Cost of a Bad IT Hire

by Riia O’Donnell    Recruiting for any open position is a race to find the best candidate within your budget in the shortest amount of time. When recruiting for an

IT and Human Resources

Be an Author on Rankdone

Do you want to be an author of tests on Rankdone? This text explain in some details how to be an Rankdone author. There are good tips on creating a