Bridging the Language Gap Between HR, IT and More

Bridging the Language Gap Between HR, IT and More

By Riia O’Donnell

IT recruitment is challenging. Nothing is more frustrating to an HR professional than spending time interviewing candidates who are not qualified to fill the job. Hours are spent culling through resumes to find applicants worthy of an interview: time spent meeting with them and trying to assess their skill level; then hours of reference checking can be all for naught if the hiring manager doesn’t agree their qualifications are a good match: and the process begins again. What to do?

For most recruiters, the more technical the position the more difficult to fill: at the same time, the more technical the position, the more immediate the need. But for most HR pros, trying to screen an IT candidate is like trying to conduct an interview in a foreign language. You think their answers are correct, to the tech questions you proffer – but only another native speaker can know for sure.

Hiring managers aren’t happy with the process either. The demands on IT are constant: and the lack of even a single staff member for a short time can put necessary work on hold, slow turnaround time and even jeopardize system security. As IT departments update and evolve, the language gap between their department and HR widens and often becomes impossible to navigate.

Some HR pros turn to IT recruitment companies to thin the applicant herd. They can be costly, time consuming and often offer no guarantee, even after the fee is paid, that the candidate will be able to hit the ground running once hired. The only way to quantify whether the applicant’s resume matches their skill set, is often to put them in front of the keyboard. Unfortunately, if they don’t have the skills, that exercise can be devastating.

In an ideal world, HR only meets with applicants who meet or exceed the necessary qualifications of the job: no matter what their resume says they can do, their skills have been validated before you even call them in for an interview. Enter Rankdone: a way to bridge the language gap between HR and IT. Experts in every area of tech – even the most narrowly used – provide questions and testing criteria that assures HR interviews only the candidates that meet their needs.

The platform is easy and uses only 3 steps: 1. HR enters the email addresses of prospective hires into the system. 2. Candidates are invited to take a test that quantifies their skill set before they move through the process (IT can chose the questions that best meet their need); 3. Rankdone’s algorithm ranks the candidates by skill level. You only meet with those applicants who pass the test and meet your need.

Making quality hires depends on quality interviews. If your HR and IT departments are caught in the frustrating language gap, contact Rankdone today to find out how we can help them not only speak the same language, but validate and expedite the hiring process.

As our platform grows, we will be opening it up to even larger categories of hires beyond IT. We can even help you develop questions just for your company. Our pricing structure assures Rankdone is an excellent return on your investment. Stop wasting time on unqualified candidates – contact Rankdone today.

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