AI: The Future of Tech

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The general consensus is that artificial intelligence will be replacing humans over the next decade or so at an alarming rate. While some predict people will be displaced by AI, others suggest AI will create more jobs than it eliminates. Whatever the case, business is scrambling to find AI professionals for today’s needs as well as tomorrow’s.

AI in recruitment is beginning to take hold. Algorithms that source candidates, screen resumes, suggest alterative jobs for candidates that don’t fit the requirements of a posted opening, even reject job seekers are already in place. For process-oriented work, AI is not only mapping current processes, but predicting steps that should be taken and when. With big data, AI is sifting through miles of information in an instant to supply information that could likely never have been culled by humans.  AI is even being used to stave off cyber threats. The possibilities are endless: Google has reportedly invested nearly 4 billion dollars in AI, with other tech giants not far behind.

Unlimited Potential

For businesses that understand the capabilities of machine learning, the potential is limitless, but hiring AI techs can be intimidating. How do you find cutting edge talent in a field that is largely unmapped?  Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania is the first US university to offer an undergraduate degree in the field, but enrollment won’t begin until Fall of 2018.

Listings for AI professionals run the gamut – from research scientists to business intelligence development, data scientists to computer vision engineers. The scope of talent and the applications to which they will apply their skills varies greatly. For business, determining what you hope to achieve with AI is the first step: next you’ll need to either find the talent to make your vision a reality, or train an internal candidate to meet your goals.

Unlimited Salaries

The AI industry today is commanding outrageous salaries – some are comparing them to professional athletes. PhDs in data science are commanding multi-year contracts at hundreds of thousands per year, with signing bonuses as well. Google is reportedly paying million dollar salaries for AI pros. Why are salaries so high? Very few candidates and high demand are pushing the market skyward, with no limit in sight. Poaching is apparently running rampant in the industry (hence the contracts) as industry giants are swiping tried-and-true candidates for their ambitious plans.

For the rest of us, with smaller goals for our AI team, the challenge will be determining where to best invest your capital. If you have an outstanding in-house staffer, online or bootcamp style classes may be worth a look. If you’re looking at an external candidate, and can afford them in this market, you’ll still want to vet them to make sure they bring the necessary skills to the table.

As AI becomes more mainstream, count on wages to readjust, but for today, the competition and the potential for the technology is driving the market skyward with no end in sight. If you’re interested in applying AI to your business, count on a huge capital investment.

For all your tech needs, futuristic or basic, make sure the candidates you interview are who they say they are. Count on Rankdone to pre-qualify tech job seekers and others so you spend less time vetting and more time hiring. Contact us today.

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